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Translink vs TTC



Translink to get some new toys
Feb, 15 2006 - 12:50 AM

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - Translink has awarded a 35 million dollar contract to a German company for an improved communications system.
Init of Germany will equip 13 hundred buses with state of the art radio communications.

The system will also act as a platform for expanded features such as on-board video cameras, automatic vehicle location and automated signs announcing bus arrival times. The system will also allow for the holding of green traffic signals which will permit buses to catch up to their schedule if running behind.

Translink hopes the equipment will allow it to save money by providing higher levels of transit service with fewer buses.

meanwhile, in Toronto we have a guy with a wooden clip-board standing on the corner yelling out to the driver to "short-turn" or not (who by the looks of him is past his days of driving - meaning he probably makes more like $40/hour - as opposed to the usual $30).


Funny, late today the TTC also announced the purchase of new street cars. A spokesman told reporters that these new cars are the "Highly stylized and will cut wait times for individual riders in half." He also said that they will help rid the roads of "those awful car thingys".

CP Photo: Darnitt Dunkin