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Oct 15, 2020
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This is one of the last major Under Contruction projects in Kitchener that doesn't have a thread yet. While modest in scale, it will likely be the most impactful among all the current downtown developments, as it's well integrated into the fabric of smaller storefronts and a intimate streetscape. This is technically phase two of the project (Phase one was completed almost eight years ago), but this is vastly different in execution from the original phase, with retail and POPS components.

Also since it's of relevance today since he just won gold at the Olympics, I think it's kind of funny they hired Andre De Grasse to promote living in ✨Downtown Kitchener✨ in this marketing video.

Renders (via Young Condos):

The tower is set back from the street, facing Duke Street.


My favourite part of this development is the six storey midrise set along king street, filling in the streetwall gap that has long made downtown feel a little empty.


Now on to the progress, photos taken by yours truly:

From afar down king by Central Station (Victoria), DTK is also just off to the left behind city hall:


The midrise section is beginning to get its cladding and is topped off, meanwhile the tower is rising quickly in the back.


These urban alleyways are sort of getting that Toronto feel with all the density.


Also to close off this post, as a little bonus to those wondering about the living situation (such as grocery stores), downtown currently only has a Shoppers, but will soon be home to a Marcheleo's just down the block. It will be the first fully stocked and amenity rich grocery store right downtown, and will be a huge upgrade for residents. This is a brand to keep an eye out on as they are also expanding quite quickly in Toronto. Here's a photo of the Kitchener store opening very soon. (Photo Credit)

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Thanks for making this thread! It's been on my list to make for quite some time I just havent gotten around to it. I'm going to make threads for a few of the other major developments hopefully tonight and tomorrow as well (elevate, new kraus proposal, fairview park, and transit hub)

As a side note. The condos behind this right next to city hall are also apart of the project. They've been completed for several years though.
Great post @emphur, probably one of the best introductions to a development that we have on UT. Really good to see the renewal that is happening in Downtown Kitchener, it's got amazing potential as an excellent place to live in a few years' time. Now if they could just up-tweak the rather pokey ride on Ion to more respectable speeds…

Great post @emphur, probably one of the best introductions to a development that we have on UT. Really good to see the renewal that is happening in Downtown Kitchener, it's got amazing potential as an excellent place to live in a few years' time. Now if they could just up-tweak the rather pokey ride on Ion to more respectable speeds…

When did you last ride the LRT?

When it first opened it operated on slower schedules for testing. I believe it's since been rectified, though I admit I haven't made it out there to try it out.
Lovely sunset again this evening for some photos. This development will make a sizable impact on the view around the Victoria Park field.

Side note: This field is fantastic for the festivals in the summers, the new urban feel will really bring it to life.

Rising above city hall under renos:


Bricks are now starting to line the King street facade:


Bonus shot: Marche Leos down the street is now open.

Why does the King Street frontage in the rendering look so good, yet so simple? I can't quite figure it out.
Night shots tonight, glad my Pixel still handles the dark pretty well.

Brick is going up on the tilted parts of the façade. This is really great infill. The second level windows didn't get as nice of a treatment as renders, but it's still not terrible.


This shot feels kindof dramatic with the clouds and all. The new scale might seem imposing but is actually very ideal.

The tower growth has slowed a bit, only a few new floors but it's over halfway up.


From the alley between the first phase and One Young; very urban, almost needs a parkette or something to cozy it up.


Upper courtyard, POPs space...



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Photoset taken during an evening walk.

The width of this building is really filling out the sky nicely in King Street views. A street performer in the foreground was singing for the patrons at a few different restaurants.


Walking closer reveals phase one which was hiding behind city hall.


Between One Young and phase one of this project. A few more windows are installed but not too much change other than 2 additional floors.


And for fun, the same view half a decade ago...


Looking up from the south alleyway, this will likely become it's own type of grafitti alley with the perfect blank convas.


The midrise now has windows and precast installed. Bricks progressing. It looks cheaper than renders but still not bad.


Brick pallets and window frames on ground floor.

Not my photo, but this is a fantastic photo from an awesome angle that I felt like needed to be shared here. (Credits to Adam Clark on Twitter)


Also just thought this was kindof neat when I saw it a week ago, some townhomes a few blocks over were painted in an east coast palette. The building itself was pretty boring to begin with so it's nice to see something unique. (Credits to Adam Clark on Twitter)

Can't believe I'm saying this but DTK looks surprisingly ok. Drove by today and aside from the podium I didnt think it was awful. Not sure how i feel about the black brick on the podium here at young condos tho.
Thanks for the Kitchener / Waterloo updates today. Looks like we at UT need to stretch our vision further out and properly start to cover KW and Hamilton.