Toronto York University: The Quad Student Residence | 30.17m | 8s | Campus Suites | ARK Inc.

December 24:





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I like these a lot. Sleek, solid, dramatic but not showy. Some of the supergraphics work better than others, but I like the attempt.

Much better food options than when I lived on campus, too!
Surprised it was approved with such low ground-floor ceilings; that retail looks uninviting and cramped. Otherwise not a bad building to look at.
Ward 07 - North York District

The Quad Residence Phase 2 includes two student housing buildings with retail at grade located at York University's Keele Campus Building C3 & C4. Building C3: 10,791 sm GFA, a L-Shaped building (6 and 10 stories); 588 sm GFA retail at grade; 163 Units. Building C4: 17,015 sm GFA; Consisting of two towers (8 and 10 stories) connected by two amenity pavilions (1 and 2 stories); 895 sm GFA at grade, 263 Units. two student residence buildings with retail and service commercial uses at grade, amenities and outdoor courtyard spaces.

This is the render, and even at this stage, I not only dislike it, I viscerally dislike it.

There's nothing in this render that says 'University' to me. There are a collection of things that say bland, cold, sterile industrial park.


You needn't have faux-19th C here; but you do require 'warm', you also need appropriate scale, this has neither. It offers no flourish or allusion to higher learning, nor, frankly would I consider it passable as generic midrise condos.

IT seems car oriented, indifferent.

I've come to the conclusion that the only thing to be done w/York is to to level the entire campus and start over; and to sack their entire senior management team as a University who have no sense of vision or aspiration.
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^It won't be car oriented because students don't drive. Also, they're redeveloping parking lots for crying out loud. Isn't that what we all want?
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