Toronto West Don Lands: Block 3, 4 & 7 | 50.32m | 13s | Dream | COBE Architects

could the developer have looked at an affordable housing project and said “meh, private courtyard would cost more in maintenance fees, let’s go no frills with POPS instead”? Not sure how cynical that take is
It was definitely being sold as a gift by the developer / architect at the public meeting, which I attended.
courtyards can be amazing public spaces, if they are fronted with public amenities or retail, which could have been easily achieved here on a few of the corners with some through-block programming.

this project is not that. the courtyard here will be pretty sterile and lifeless. but a silver lining may be that it could be a nice reprieve from public streets, a place to quietly read for example, if the landscape turns out to be as lush as the renders show (which it wont, at least for a few years)