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Wellesley on the Park 
11 Wellesley St W, Toronto
Developer: Lanterra Developments

Wellesley on the Park | 194m | 60s | Lanterra | KPMB


Staff member
Apr 23, 2007
by the Humber
Sucks that they couldn't reach an agreement with the building next door to remove half of the U parking aisle, would have made for a much more usable space.
They've planned the dog run for the area within the driveway, making the best of a suboptimal situation.
I do hope that they rethink the bench seating which appears to be the same as in the revitalized Grange Park. I generally spend at least an hour every day sitting in a park but I have been defeated by the uncomfortable and bottom numbing seating at the Grange so I avoid it. Also, the backrests seem to be more on an elbowrest. On the other hand, the bench seating in Berczy Park and on the promenade along the east harbour are incredibly comfy and user friendly.
I hope for the better benches here too! It's probably not too late to send a note in that regard to KWT's office! (Nice to see you @jaborandi!)