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Th'other night:




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I vote Breadalbane Park

Those name choices they actually gave us aren't that great :(

Has the big pour happened yet?

The City of Toronto loves to go out of its way to select contrived park names that have nothing to do with the actual park. Always has, always will. You just have to make peace with it.
Since the park will sit atop a massive parking lot how about Parking Park?
The rebar lattice in that base pad is so dense that it looks nearly solid. It stands about 6 feet high after the concrete is poured. It's enormous!
BTW "Parking Park" is a joke.
Another park named after an old white guy would be the best choice right?

As far as I know there was a committee made up of residents who were working on the park with staff and I presume they would have had significant input on the name.
How about a name that is not affiliated with any colour, race or specific group?

Just because I think miigwetch sounds unpleasant doesn't mean I want it named after a white man.