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All of the talk/pix of The Well has me wondering what is going on with King West’s other newish semi-public space? I wonder if they are booking holiday parties here?

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Oh no! It was always so busy! SØBR is a non-alcoholic beverage shop. Taken 8 March.


@Towered might be enticed by a new incoming Boxcar Social opening here though.
I always thought their mochas tasted burnt somehow. Perhaps it's the way they turn the beans into charcoal with those laser/phaser thingies they zap 'em with. And perhaps some folks really like it that way...

...but least in my anecdote, I'm not really into their coffee. >.<
I have some intel that they may have decided to shift gears, closing their large investment in Beatrice and opening a Boxcar in the food hall space instead..
Their website seems to suggest they will be opening again in April after renovations. Will be interesting to see what happens to the space.


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Food Hall will be opening in June according to this article from Curiocity!
These are the first batch of vendors announced for the space.
looks like that intel noting Boxcar Social to replace the closure of Beatrice Society was correct.
A food hall is really just a food court by another name. It's re-branding to sound more upscale but the concept is the same. We did the same thing with the word 'cinema' in the 1990s. The industry pushed the term 'movie theatre' because it sounded more cultured and sophisticated. A theatre .... but for films. I'm used to the term 'movie theatre' now but when the term came out it sounded as silly/pretentious to me as 'land yacht' would be to describe a car.

Very good development though. King West has grown into a playground for affluent young people. My friend from away said it felt like Soho.
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