Waterloo Vogue Residences | 83m | 21s | Bryton Capital | srm Architects


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Oct 15, 2020
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Another Waterloo University District project to cover. This rental apartment is located on King Street a few blocks up from the Uptown District.

Don't ask me why the podium looks like Minecraft netherrack the renders, SRM is just a strange firm.


This building is pretty much across from 128 King.



On a final note, King around the university is about halfway finished its road diet. Two lanes have been removed and bike lanes installed along with a median. It's rather unfinished yet, but looks much more pleasant now without the traffic sewer that was there before.

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I am increasingly convinced that Waterloo's student housing is all designed by first-year undergrad architecture students.
And yes, that is an insult to first-year undergrad architecture students because I know many who had better taste than to design something that looks like this.
I think the problem is that the developers go with this super-cheap pre-cast construction method which is just so fundamentially different than the poured-in-place construction you see in Toronto, and results in a lot more flexibility in architectural expression, and any options they may have don't get approved for cost reasons.

These student housing buildings are literally the cheapest ways to build large apartment buildings in Ontario. As cheap as Toronto's construction methods may seem sometimes, there is definitely cheaper.
For the record, this is "Vogue" Residences, as in the Madonna single. Apparently being developed by Bryton Group. They have a website, but for a project so far along it's lacking in substance.
This one's nearly finished. The new streetscape here is more pedestrian and bike friendly (look above for a comparison), lane widths still could be narrowed though, people seem to be finding any way possible to speed.

This angle is the 'best', more spandrel on the other sides. Still feel like it looks like Minecraft Netherrack.