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They are indeed those plastic seating areas with the USB connectors on top. Wrap around screens and conduit.
They haven't needed permits for those things before have they? They looked like simple enough things not to require permits. And I think we already have more than three of them. I feel like this is something bigger like the lounge
December 22 2023
Will probably be quite popular. People like their hats.
It will do brisk business on Leafs and Raptors game days.
IIRC there was a hat shop in the Bay Concourse pre-renovation too, and it also had other team merch for sale as well, though not jerseys, but the tchothcke stuff that you would see move at this time of the year.
Made a rare appearance at Union today, so I took the time to explore a bit. It looks so much nicer than it used to - no sign of that awful 70's decor anymore. Sleek and modern throughout. I like that the lighting isn't harsh. Better food options than I was expecting too.
I miss the Mmmuffins and Dairy Queen. :(
Ah man! You hit me with nostalgia hard when you mentioned Mmmuffins. I remember regularly ordering one of their square shaped, chocolate chip muffins and an orange juice before heading into work. This was back in 2011. I don't work in downtown Toronto anymore, so I never have any reason to really go to Union Station unless to catch a Blue Jays game.

I'm glad to see Union Station get a face lift and brought into the modern era. I was there a couple weeks ago to check it out and it looks great. But another side of me can't help but miss the old Union Station. 70's decor and all. Probably because I have so many memories from spending time at the old Union Station and I probably will not spend nearly as much time at the new Union Station.