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Mar 8, 2010
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250 units, would be the 5th tower around Mount Joy GO now, and the tallest one as well. a mini skyline is starting to form on the far northeastern edge of the GTA.
The first 4-storey condo buildings in the UNION project have been launched, second building is in preview ... 31 townhomes are sold out at the west end of the site

Good to see G+C is expanding their YC Condo design to other municipalities :rolleyes:. The smaller condo buildings do look pretty nice though.
I believe the 25 storey building (above) continues to be part of Aspen Ridge's plans for the east part this site, but as a 2nd phase subject to rezoning .... so the overall project would be 25 + 2x4s
nice to see actual street front retail by the looks of it, unlike the other 4 towers to the south. Looks like Core Architects?
They're missing a chance to market this as The Higgledy-Piggledy. The base-shaft-crown arrangement here comes from three different buildings.

Margo @ Union

Indeed the proposed taller building (20 storeys) is by Core Architects ... no more 25 storeys

Builder's website

Application submitted on December 18th and 21st respectively in 2018

18 258912 ZA
18 258590 SPC

"A (Major) Zoning Amendment application has been received from Bur Oak (ARH) Developments Inc. (Maria-Christina Fiorucci) for 1709 Bur Oak Avenue. The applicant is proposing to construct a 242 unit high rise residential building. The related site plan application (SPC 18 258590) has been submitted through the City s ePLAN system and will be dealt with as a separate digital review."

ePlan City of Markham portal
per Aspen Ridge ... Margo is officially sold out