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I thought it was dead but 151 Front/7 Station Street, the weird cantilevered 36 storey creature, is alive and well.

Spoke to the planner and the final report will be out in January. Section 37 worked out etc.. I'm assuming they have an eye on an anchor tenant since they've been working at this for more than a year.

Any bets on whether or not it moves to u/c...? Fair amount of effort so far.

BTW, even though RoCP3 (aka 444 Yonge) has been beaten to death by staff and (of course) appealed to OMB, the grapevine suggests they'll come back with another revision to the city before even a pre-hearing at OMB (given no site plan exists yet).

No doubt another example of ask for 75 and get 66 (there are many Toronto storeys, and this is one of them. Storeys, get it?).

A Superior report though rushed a bit.

Wow. What are we to make the zig-zaggy lines on the elevation? Are those compression artifacts or design features?
Zig zags are real... you could lose your knighthood for that question.

Thanks for the info - 151/7 certainly took awhile to move through the pipeline. If memory serves, it came to the city before the BA proposal, even.

I realized 151 Front Street/20 York was not on the 400 foot list, thus I updated it.

But now I can't recall what the 18 York proposal was. UrbanDatabase doesn't have it listed under that name, but Emporis has an entry for it.

A little help please.

Gb: i was suprised too.

Canuck: 18 York is just damn confusing.
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I'd say forget about 18 York

AFAIK, the developer behind the old 37 storey hotel and office tower of about equal height have sold the property
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I was wondering about this project... one I would really like to see move forward. Isn't much of the space in the building already accounted for? Data centre or something?
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Canuck: don't know if you have this but the proposed height is 167.42 metres above Front Street West (north side)... it will certainly look quite tall from Lower Simcoe Street (south elevation).


The proposal consists of an office building and technology centre, with a shared lobby and
galleria. Above grade parking is integrated into the development under the SkyWalk and in
above ground floors. Although a portion of the existing SkyWalk would be demolished during
reconstruction, the SkyWalk and all existing walkway connections and exits will be replaced.
The current building on the eastern edge of the 20 York Street property, the eastern portion of the
SkyWalk building and the 151 Front Street West building (other than the addition of the galleria
and canopies over the Front Street West and Simcoe Street sidewalks) will not be redeveloped.
The proposal includes new retail uses on the ground floor of the eastern portion of the SkyWalk
The office tower is proposed for the southwest portion of the site along Simcoe Street just north
of the railway, and is sited on the 20 York Street and 7 Station Street properties. This building
will be the equivalent of 25 storeys, starting from the 12th floor of the redevelopment and rising
to the 36th floor. The total gross floor area of the office tower will be 55,231 square metres. The
11th floor will house the mechanical and electrical services to support the office tower. The tower
is designed to cantilever over a portion of the existing technology centre at 151 Front Street
The new technology centre, sited on 20 York Street and 7 Station Street, will be located on a
portion of floors 4 to 8 and all of floors 9 and 10. The remainder of floors 4 to 8 will contain
mechanical rooms. The total gross floor area of the new centre will be 7,943 square metres.
The applicant proposes that the office tower and the techology centre would share a 2 storey
lobby situated on Simcoe Street. The 2nd floor of the lobby (Skylobby) would cross over Station
Street and connect with a 1-storey windowed galleria that would be constructed within a portion
of the first floor of the 151 Front Street technology centre, along the Simcoe Street edge. This
would allow access to the office tower and technology centre from both Front Street West and
Simcoe Street. The Skylobby would connect by stairway to the SkyWalk, which would be
located on a portion of the 2nd and 3rd floors of the redevelopment (aligned with the railway
The total proposed gross floor area for the development is 113,090 square metres, of which
31,000 square metres represents the existing floor area of the technology centre and the easterly
portion of the SkyWalk and 82,090 square metres is new construction including the proposed
parking structure, the new technology centre and the office tower.
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It's great to see some more office space being proposed. Hard to tell what it will look like from a simple line drawing, but at 550 feet the height is respectable.
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Wasn't the now almost demolished Molson building further east on Front going to be converted into a telecom carrier hotel?
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Ok I'm taking 18 York off the list. There's practically no info on it, and no talk of it in ages.
So, the final report on this project was to have been finished in January. Was it?

It would be great to hear that a 4th office tower could be moving ahead in the core!

hopeful 42