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Interesting from the report:

Future Tower

The northern portion of Site 12 will be prepared to accommodate a tower, with a potential footprint of 35m in the east-west direction and 20m in the north-south direction. Foundations for the tower will be constructed as part of the Goldring project, as well as a servicing/loading bay at the ground level.
The tower will share a north elevator bank and exit core with Goldring. The corridor space accessing this area is to be considered the main lobby to the future tower, and designed to be as spacious as possible, finished with high-quality materials. It will also complete the east-west pedestrian connection from St. George to Devonshire. The entrance off Devonshire should be prominent, and should be designed to accommodate separate signage.

Tell us more, U of T…
Application: Zoning Review Status: Not Started

Location: 100 DEVONSHIRE PL

Ward 20: Trinity-Spadina

Application#: 11 287824 ZPR 00 ZR Accepted Date: Oct 5, 2011

Project: Non-Residential Building New Building

Description: Proposal to construct new Varcity Centre (3 levels below grade and 4 levels above grade) for University of Toronto (Faculty of Physical Education) for High Performance Sports.
New home of the Goldring Centre

Could this be the worst costing down in recent memory? Unbelievable really - couldn't they have tapped Blake for a few million more?



Somehow morphed into this:


Very sad.
UGH this is really, really upsetting. It's bad enough that they're completely blocking Woodsworth College's eastern exposure (some of the best classrooms on campus) but with the original design I could've lived with that sacrifice. The redesign is a monstrosity.
Crap - sometimes I think stakeholders in these projects should just delay the project until its adequately funded or NOT build it at all.
TBH, I think the original rendering overpromised (to the point of being ridiculous IMO). The only regrettable aspect I find with the revised design is the reduction of glazing and (potential?) changes to the V columns on the upper levels.