Toronto TYSSE: York University Station | ?m | ?s | TTC | Foster + Partners

Has the opening been pushed back yet again? And what for? Looks like it could be opened "ahead" of the (previously?) scheduled December date.
No. Still opening in December.

I believe this landmark station will have a transformative effect on the University and could encourage more research related projects and maybe another wave of growth at York U. Maybe other seconday campuses from other outside universities like Waterloo, Western or Queens'. I'm just dreaming here, but this is a natural place for an academic super-centre.
This will be a really nice station. My photos don't quite capture how shiny the cladding is.

The details are still a bit wanting for a Foster project - the concrete work looks a little crude; and the aluminum mullion cap isn't quite aligned (and I think I see exposed screws). Good, could be better still.

And disappointingly the landscaping is non-existent beyond the lightwell - would be nice to have something more than cast concrete forecourts and pathways.