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Mar 8, 2010
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Seems GM has purchased the Cinespace complex on Lake Shore and will be building a new dealership and headquarters for the Cadillac brand. Expected to be around 150 new jobs. Cinespace would see a new building constructed for them in the Portlands.

This will be right beside the First Gulf lands, it would be interesting to see how the two integrate.
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Cool. I imagine Cinespace will relocate somewhere along Commissioner, in which case it would benefit from the closer proximity to Pinewood and some ancillary services located along that axis. It's good to see the Portlands being brought more into the present... still far too many brownfields blighting the area.
Hey, Toronto's all about cars. Ask the Ford family.

Seriously, it's not as if this concentration of car dealerships in the core are a new thing. This has been going on for some time now. As the core gets denser with people actually living in it (as opposed to working in it and commuting to/from elsewhere), more services attach to it via infill/redevelopment... auto dealerships included.
721 Eastern! I did two series back-to-back there for over a year, just ending a couple of months ago. I'm surprised - that's where Flashpoint and any number of shows were done over the years. Too bad. No more nice short walks to work for me, I guess! It's a fairly large space. I guess I really shouldn't be surprised, considering the developments planned along Eastern just a stone's throw west.

Hmmm. The Mirkopoulos family has kept this in the wings for quite some time, I suspect. So I wonder just where in the portlands Cinespace will be headed for its east end operations. They have a facility at 30 Booth.... I wonder if that will eventually be in play, too.

By the way, was just down at Pinewood this morning, where my wife is working on a feature... here's a quick pano of their own expansion project. Just steel framing for the time being. No foundation digging necessary, as these will be large sound stages and additional production office space.


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Thanks Skeezix. Do you have a link to that OMB decision, by chance?

Chester beat me to it.

Just reread part of the decision (the first time since it came out). The Board had no time for the planning instruments that the City had enacted in response to the SmartCentres proposal:

The Board finds that the City Instruments represent a panicked reaction to an unwanted development scheme and are neither a measured nor rational response. As will be explained below, they are not the product of a bona fide planning initiative, they are not appropriate, practical, workable, or achievable, and they do not represent good land use planning.

The City won that case, but wow - quite a "a pox on both your houses" theme in that decision.
Iirc city lost the secondary plan but the developer lost the site specific zoning as it was not compliant with existing zoning. Something about having to prove big box was appropriate in the area, which it failed.