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Bike lanes going in on Wellington. Photos taken 6 May.
were you planning on wearing a ski mask? what’s the issue?
Well not a ski mask (as that notice does not specify ski masks actually)...although it can be effective against nasty wind chills, to my understanding.

That said, I do wear a tuque, medical mask, scarf and a hoodie (which is mentioned in the notice) during the cold days of winter. Because all of that does obscure what I look like, likely putting me on that red flag list if I decide to cut across here for the short cut...and if the proprietors decide that my intention was not to keep myself warm somehow, lol. They could legally go after me in the that's makes me a bit nervous. Whether my fear is rational or not is likely another subject for another debate I guess., either way though, I find it weird what people laugh at here. Perhaps my humour is uncouth as in picking things up as well a putting things out. >.<
The $3443/month, 507 sq. ft. (including the 120 sq. ft. terrace) I just saw for rent there is really bringing out my inner socialist. I'm writing off the whole development as a monument to naked greed - though admittedly, such monuments are all that is getting built these days around here.

I bet the person who rents it works from home most days too.

That said, I'm far happier in tiny room with an excellent view than in a typical 2000sqft house looking at the walls and a fence.
The way that this project gives so many height levels and is so aesthetically pleasing is something that the Architects should actually be very proud of especially watching some of the other projects that have got no imagination and just came up way short of expectations in Toronto I found this site looking at progress for the one and absolutely love everyone's pictures of all the work going on on all the different projects also admire how great some of the photographers are on this site
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Retail insider has reports on a couple of the stores setting up shop here.

One is the staff-less Aisle 24 grocery store

Another is Black Rooster decor: