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Any word on when the food market is going to open? Spring is well underway...
This is from April 3rd, which says the Wellington Market will be opening May 27th....although that might be delayed until June.

Wellington_Market_Opening_May_27th (1).jpg
Jeez, Toronto Hydro's senses must have been tingling, alerting them to the beautiful new sidewalk here. They can smell them ya know.

Surprised they haven't gotten Love Park yet...
Oh dont you worry, that's coming this summer i'm sure. The city is going to be hacking up the York St ramp of the Gardiner this summer, so i'm sure they'll find a way to magically hack up Love Park for "related work".
well that was quick..their timing is impeccable!

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I clicked through and didn't notice....... was any official reason given for this?

I'm singularly unimpressed by I would like to know exactly why I'm being unimpressed whose choice that was............

Hold on, lets get @AHK in here.......... there is no keener observer of this part of the world.

Wellington (according to TOInview is under a no-cut moratorium until 2028...... ) (emergencies excepted)