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February 14, 2024:

Sure! It's all in the Application Information Centre on the City of Toronto's web site. You can search for 440 Front or any other development you're interested in here:

If you click "Learn More" from the bubble in the map view, a window will open with this page:
Look for "16 269540 STE 20 SA" (the last Site Plan Approval item in the list). Click to expand "Supporting Documentation", then you should see several items labelled "Architectural Plans" that you can download. I forget which one has the elevations, but they're all pretty interesting.

Shameless plug, if you found that process way more difficult than it should be, I'm working on a passion project that may help make it easier and I'd love some feedback:
I would like to say thank you again @smably for the outlined instructions. It is very useful for understanding condominium plans!
Shot with The Canadian this morning:
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Man, I love how this turned out. What a great addition to the Skyline and the city. Not too long ago, I just recently watched a walking tour of all the new shops, restaurants, and stores opening there, but I could hardly remember any of them because I was distracted by the canopy and columns. I'm so enthused to see what this area will look like when the weather feels better in the Spring. Or Early Summer for y'all. It's already feelin' like Summer here in Texas, lol.