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I thought the Eye shut down more than 10 years ago. Scary to think there is another local media outlet out there like BlogTO with just as poor journalism and writing. At least the Eye doesn’t allow comments and spam left by ignorant and stupid readers.
TikTockers and other young so-called “social influencers” shouldn’t be a source for anything intelligent. They are just freeloaders with nothing better to do.

This is Now, but today's NOW has nothing to do with the old one. It's just a viral marketing tool.
I remember seeing articles when Hudson yards first opened about how much of a disaster it was. Bland, sterile, unhuman, and empty.

I just visited today and it was bustling. Jam packed, people everywhere, from the mall, to the lookout etc.

The well is clearly an incredible space. I’ll give it some time to actually fill the large shoes it’s made for itself.
I assume in the least that they're planning to put it back together when all is said and done?
Today, just poking in from Cityplace. You can see the office tower to the right in my third image. As I walked around the big park in this part of town, I thought of how beneficial the potential railyard deck park would be in knitting these two parts of the city together.


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