The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini


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Mar 10, 2020
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Those appear to be identical but likely just done on a later round of renders after changes were made elsewhere. Just looks like the angle and the quality of light was changed.
Did you not notice the difference in the materiality? 😂
Missing potlights under the L3 balustrades, and illumination under the skybridges; and one of the skybridges between the two podiums on the left went from an open truss to covered up. Minor changes, but it's there.

EDIT: oh and the flooring for the retail went from narrow to wide tiles on both sides. The truss pattern of the bottom of the skybridges have also changed.

So are those changes confirmed? It would be kind of sad to me, as I prefer the version we usually see on UT.
I think the gold-coloured ceiling looks better but aside from that, it's worse.
  • The bridges don't have lighting and the black bars are very thin.
  • The ceilings of the stucco-like podium are no longer made of wood and are just white.
  • The unit paving is much larger in the pop-up retail/eating areas.
  • Lighting is warmer and I like that... although it might just be a rendering and not an accurate representation of the lighting colour.
  • And some other minor revisions.
A notable detail is that the "red fin" version has sliding doors for the retail spaces and the "gold fin" version does not. That might be an indication of a final design.


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Oct 11, 2017
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Late to the party but here's a night shot from Feb 2