Toronto The One | 328.4m | 91s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

Photos taken today, Friday (May 5). The third level of hangers were being put up when I arrived, late afternoon. Some shots of the installation of the hangers on the SE corner, and unhooking of the crane cable. The NE corner had also been installed, the two other corners on the west side not yet installed as of about 5pm. Also shown, all the cladding now up on the east side, with some of the covering still in place.

Also included, the latest "time-lapse" photo, added to my Flickr album Oct 2020-May 2023:

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Great photos. All I can say is YIKES!!!

I'm sure there are a few still thinking that the floor will drop out on Mizrahi and this'll just become another Stump.
I get that. But there is seems to be no evidence this is the case now. As I also have the suspicion that we'll know somethings up about that before the rug is pulled. And that will unlikely come from some naysayer with an axe to grind with here...

...but let us not dwell on this. Rather enjoy the ride we see now, which will likely reach the finish line come winter, storms or sunshine.