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From today. They poured the corners lower down, completed installing the next level floor forms and they raised the blue forms at the top. Some workers still at it at 8:30pm.

That has always been my main question on this project like they do little things on Saturdays but not full on work like some other projects is it a location thing or not sure I don't live in Toronto so everyone can basically tell me I know nothing and I will accept that but just seems like loading bar in place and tying slab on a Saturday would be an easy thing to do even if you have a crane raise because you can have it stocked and ready to go on the Friday and use the ACS crane to move stuff around
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Pickleball courts . . .

Pickleball courts . . .
I used to live in Europe whole my life, and when I moved here I noticed that it seems like nothing to do here, I was wondering why and realized that there are places to hang out literally in every corner, cute and amusing stores, coffee shops and restaurants everywhere, bunch of shopping malls and huge spaces like streets and squares with no car but only people to walk and spend time.
In my opinion the smartest project from new ones is The Well, I’m not a professional, really, but I think the developers should learn from them, building such a big projects they could do something interesting and unique for everyone, not only for residents (at least for residents)