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...they also have a lot more exposed surface area to cover exponentially on those mechanicals.

But if people want to think that workers go up there to nap all day shielded from the cold wind and prying eyes as the reason of it being stuck at that level, they are free to do so. I just think it's a case of paving the sidewalk then having to pave a which isn't going to as done quickly by far with the latter.
They started working on the mechanical cladding in mid December.
Maybe so for the current phase of the work but they started installing metal fixtures and doing other preparatory work as early as last spring. Here is an example, look at page 1025.
Today, they finished installing the level 53 forms and a bit of rebar...and then there was snow!!!!

Photos taken today, Friday (Feb. 16) (Save for one). A lot of progress since my post last Friday. The first Rail Climbing System (RCS) to start rising from the first mechanical level has done so, revealing (barely) the first mechanical level cladding. That's the east RCS, now up to level 17, while the north and west RCSs stay at 16. The blue forms at top have moved up, and they are up to floor 53, I believe. And the corner blue forms have been raised above the second mechanical level. If I count correctly, the next raising of the top blue forms will reveal the hanger attachment points on the super columns for the next set of those. And... a new set of black exterior scaffolding has been added to the south side on one side of the crane, smaller than the Rail Climbing Systems, but there presumably to install the glass and cladding. Perhaps we'll soon see a similar scaffold on the other side of the crane.

A dull day, so the colours and exposure a bit muted. Photos, starting with my latest "time-lapse" Flickr album addition, then to views from the south where we can see the new small black scaffold next to the crane, and the east RCS up one level. A view of the SE corner where we can see cladding on the super column just emerging from behind the east RCS and the daylight behind - the first hint of what the notched tower will look like. The view from by Holt Renfrew, and a closer view of the now-exposed second mechanical level corners, the scaffolds having been raised. The more diagonal view from Cumberland east of Bay, with close-ups, and then the view from the west, Bloor at Bedford. And a final bonus shot I took on Saturday (Feb 10) at the Don Lands, looking up Cherry with the new (north) bridge, and 1 Bloor W in the distance. (This photo was posted on that thread over the weekend.)

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