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Apr 23, 2007
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by the Humber
This is a rather substantial proposal for a 14-storey residential project on the west side of Keele opposite Parc Downsview Park. IT originally came in at 19 storeys, which the City opposed, and was appealed to the OMB. In the meantime, a re-submission has gone in for 14 storeys facing Keele with a 10-storey arm on one side and a 6-storey arm on the other, plus 4-storey townhomes.

Design by SMV Architects. Anyone know who owns this site?

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Decade Group is a developer located at the property listed as the address for 3100 Keele Corporation. Their website shows 3100 Keele as one of their properties, so there ya go.
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This one has been approved at the OMB with some changes:

- reduction in height from 19 to 12 storeys
- reduction of total residential units from 358 to 328
- reduction in GFA from 33,303 sq m to 26,421 sq m
- reduction in underground vehicular spaces from 489 to 383

- The revised proposal is a 12 storey main building connected with two wings of 10 and 6 storeys each.
- The buildings are terraced and comply with the City’s angular plane requirements at the rear and the front of the proposal
- s37 cash contribution of six hundred thousand dollars for capital improvements and an additional conveyance of parkland over and above the statutory parkland conveyance
Sorry to bump this thread, but I found new renderings which are definitely different from what I've seen before:



I was driving down Keele last weekend and noticed that the old Shriner's club building was painted white, and the pillars at the entrance were painted different colours.

Decade Group's website lists this development as "Sold", and according to BuzzBuzzHome, it is now a TAS project soon to be launched as "The Keeley":
I'm guessing the purpose of such condo names like "Keeley" and "Kingly" is to evoke a sense of belonging to the neighbourhood. Personally, I'm not feeling these names though. First thing that comes to mind is a lazy marketing gimmick that plays off a certain catchword, "bigly".
Agreed. Despite the building sharing a name with an actress I like, I'll never associate the building with her (even though I posted the photo) or any other Keeley that might be out there—it'll just sound like a dopey diminutive for the street name that I am willing to bet no-one will ever embrace. Meanwhile, the name 'Kingly Condos' also has the taint of social grasping, so a more egregious fail.

Great shots, but I had to do a double take on that first one. I don't know if it's the gloom or the samey townhouse blocks but that could easily be mistaken for the USSR circa 1980.