Toronto TD Terrace | 239.87m | 46s | Cadillac Fairview | AS + GG


Yes. If memory serves me correctly there is a space for restaurant/events under the glass ceiling. Should be quite something.
Would be nice if they turn it into a free semi-public space like the SkyGarden in the 'walkie talkie' tower in London

Some pictures from last week (May 25th) with this building reflecting some wonderful warm and crystal clear reflections. Amazing how clear the roof of the Royal York is in reflection. A nice surprise benefit of the downward-angled glass cladding here for me.

IMG_7526 2.jpeg

(Interesting bonus reflection angle on CIBC Square here too with Tower 1 and also the space that Tower 2 under construction will rise into.)


I really like how this building now frames the plaza and space around Union and as a gateway building to the Front Street canyon.

At the very least, I expect this to be a future Doors Open venue, although I'm dreading how long the line is going to be (waited 2 hours to go up the TD Tower last weekend). Well, maybe if there's no valuable artwork or furniture they'll let people wander around without having to join a tour, so the line could move faster ...
Hi: I was on the Lakeshore GO train between Mimico and Exhibition at 3:30 when there was a flash of cool white light in the direction of downtown. It was the sun reflecting off the western facade of this building. Really big and rectangular that lasted for about 15 seconds. Must be the type of glass.