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Something's amiss here. One of the panels is off. The curve of the maw / inlet isn't smooth. The surrounding panels seem to fit properly though.

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Your OCD picked up another glazing flaw. Good eye. I wonder if this was related to pause in installation of this area over the last few weeks.


That inlet bit in question looks like it has fallen slightly out of place. So I guess they'll nudge it back in on their time...or replace it if they can't.
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That inlet bit in question looks like it has fallen slightly out of place. So I guess they'll nudge it back in on their time...or replace it if they can't.
They'll probably open it up into a hangar bay once we have flying shuttles and suspensor tech. :D
There's definitely something wrong in the circled area. My OCD is setting off alarm bells over 3 to 5 errant panels affecting the rounded corner of the inlet. I'd say the measurements are off, not the installation. I think these panels will have to be removed and replaced. Sh*t happens.


Pic by @mburrrrr
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Actually looks to me like it's an elevation issue, and those frames just need to come up a tick. Could be wrong, though.
They need to come *down* a tick but the frames immediately underneath them seem to be fitting properly. That's why I don't think it's an installation issue but an issue with the frames themselves, that they're slightly off in size, that they were manufactured incorrectly. I guess time will tell.

I won't belabour this anymore. Everyone's aware of the problem now, even if we don't know what exactly is the problem.
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The first three (from the left) look fine, it's the ones after that that don't look quite right. Those ones are hangers and don't tie into anything below

The angle of the sloped piece at the top is also off, so it could also be when they push the bottom out it'll fix the angle and also bring it up to match what's beside it. I'd wager on the installation not being complete yet, versus a fabrication issue
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...just think of it as that mouth part giving lip and was sucker punched for it over a night ago by one of surrounding buildings. As I mentioned before...I'm pretty sure workers will straighten that panel out soon. Hopefully. 😸