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Apr 24, 2007
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Ward 13 - Toronto Centre
Saw this today, at the southeast corner of Steeles Avenue and Malta Avenue (the southern extension of McMurchy Avenue) in Brampton, between Shoppers World and Sheridan College on a long-fallow farm surrounded by other development.

It's nothing jaw-dropping, but it's one of several high-density projects in the Steeles/Main area, with the Shoppers World redevelopment as the centrepiece.

This URL gets you past the intro animation.

It looks as if work has started on the first phase, with a second building to follow.

This will go just to the west of another project early in development - Stella Southside Community.
Speaking of Stella, it appears there is a pre-consultation for Phase 3.

File PRE-2021-0026:

Pre Consultation

Status: Comments Released

209 Steeles Avenue West
The proposal represents the final phase of a comprehensive three phase development which contemplates a 40-storey mixed use apartment condo building. The development is proposed to include 450 residential units with retail uses at grade, which will serviced by 406 parking spaces provided within a multi-level, automated underground parking garage.
Higher quality rendering of the above in the below thumbnail:


More details:


It also looks like City of Brampton development applications require some sort of Tertiary conceptual block plan with document submissions. Purely conceptual, but shows how future development in this area may unfold:

What bothers me is how the UT Database does such a crappy job of covering Brampton projects. Immediately, some G+C snoozefest in Burlington gets added to the UT database and map, but not any of the projects I've been trying to keep on top of.
City planning staff are recommending approval of Phase III, the 40-storey tower.

Details of the proposal are as follows: 
A height of 40 storeys (approximately 125 m or 410 ft) 
A total of 462 residential units, including one-bedroom and two-bedroom units with den options 
A Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 32,591 m2 (350,814 ft2 ) 
A Floor Space Index (FSI, being the ratio of building area to site area) of 12.50 
A total of 306 on-site parking spaces within 6 levels of below-grade parking 
One vehicular access point from Malta Avenue (provided over the adjacent lands), and one emergency vehicle access point to Steeles Avenue