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Then walk into the lobby and tell the staff. Perhaps they're so out of it that they don't even realize these things? Tell them that their lack of presentation (on the exterior) is bad for their brand. It makes them look negligent.

I actually did just that....probably nine or ten months ago. I was told it would be addressed once construction wrapped up.

I can't believe that others have not as well.
Some scaffolding was going up on Adelaide outside Trump when I walked by last night.

I saw it again today, it's right up at the corner. I was hoping it may have something to do with the spire lighting, but it's probably to do with that application notice board about installing "Trump Tower" signage. (it was mentioned a while ago on these threads, but I noticed the sign again today). Didn't read it properly, but are they installing a big logo of some sorts like the one in Chicago? Maybe where the above grade parking levels are?
Found this on Flickr -

Was at Nathan Phillips tonight right at sunset and the lighting of the Trum and Aura really make the city seem gorgeous. I really hope they keep the Trump lit and maybe even add more lighting to the crown part.
That light looked really good yesterday. It wasn't that dull, purplish glow it usually is. It was a bright, white light from top to bottom and its sheer size looked pretty impressive. To see both this light and Aura's great lighting was really a nice surprise. Both these buildings will add an iconic glow to Toronto night time skyline.