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Indeed. Oxford just submitted their second application with the city: https://urbantoronto.ca/forum/threa...amthorpe-kariya-gate-mcc-55-65s-oxford.30788/

That is an incredible proposal as well, I have a gut feeling that we're going to see a lot from them this year. I would imagine that they want to get things moving as quickly as possible now since HuLRT will be under construction soon, not to mention that a lot of other malls in the GTA are rapidly densifying their lands as well.

Time for me to get cracking on 7(!) new towers for the MCC 3D model!
From Oxford's Square One District Press Release


"To deliver the first phase of housing, Oxford and AIMCo are partnering with The Daniels Corporation (Daniels), one of Canada's leading residential builders and developers, to construct two residential towers with 402 rental apartments and 575 condominium suites. Located at the southeast corner of Rathburn Road and Confederation Parkway, The Rental Residences and The Condominiums of Square One District are 36 and 48 storeys respectively with construction to start in summer 2020. "
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Somehow i managed to read that as "A minor vaccine is requested for parking".
Whoever's putting their signs together has no access to a spellchecker apparently, enterance being another booboo.

Glad to see that Mississauga has minimum storey heights for podium floors, here's hoping they don't budge on that.

Anyways, back on topic since I can't find any more typos to make fun of.

These will probably be completed in the 2020s, and from what I read on the Square One District thread, the final completion date of this district is estimated to be about 30 years from now. So the residents will end up living near a construction zone for about 25 years?