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North of Leslie/Sheppard.


Ward 33
- North York OPA / Rezoning 11 330323 NNY 33 OZ Dec 22, 2011 Dec 22, 2011
A rental housing demolition application and an application to amend the offical plan and zoning by-law have been submitted to replace the existing 121 rental townhouses on site to permit 4 condominium apartment buildings ranging in height from 12 to 27 storeys for a total of 857 units, a 12-storey rental apartment building comprised of 139 units and 30 townhouse units. The proposed 169 rental units would be owned and operated by the Toronto Community Housing Corporation. The development would provide 1,121 parking spaces.
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Social housing redevelopment sent back to drawing board

LISA QUEEN | Apr 20, 2012 - 9:22 AM

Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) and developer Deltera Inc., part of the Tridel Group of Companies, one of Canada's largest residential developers, want to demolish the existing 121 social housing townhouses on Adra Villaway, Grado Villaway and Tomar Villaway on the west side of Leslie north of Sheppard.

They would be replaced with 1,026 new residential units made up of 169 rental housing units and 857 condo apartment units in two three-storey stacked townhouse blocks and five buildings ranging in height from 12 to 27 storeys.

Don Valley East Councillor Shelley Carroll called the proposed development "unacceptable" and said the developers need to work with city planners to come up with a better plan before the matter comes back to community council in September. A public meeting will also be set up so residents can give input into the new plan.

Shiner wanted assurances the developers are prepared to make significant changes, arguing if they are only willing to tinker with the proposed plan then it would be better for councillors to vote down the project immediately and fight the applicants at the Ontario Municipal Board.

At the same time, Shiner said it would be better to avoid having the city fighting TCHC, a city agency, at the OMB.

Lawyer John Dawson, who is representing TCHC and Deltera, said his clients understand the strong objections of councillors and city planning staff to the proposed development. But he wasn't able to promise what the new plan would be, including if it would a low-rise development.
Here's the revised proposal. Developer is Deltera (Tridel), and architect is Wallman.

Revised Proposal
On August 15, 2012 the applicants filed a revised submission which includes reduced building heights, gross floor area, and dwelling units. The density has been reduced from 3.3 FSI to 2.80 FSI (2.69 FSI including the permitted exemption of the indoor common amenity space). Generally, all apartment building heights have been reduced with the tallest being reduced from 27 storeys to 18-storeys. The gross floor area has been reduced from 87,680m2to 73,700m2 and the total number of dwelling units has been reduced from 1,026 units to 806 units (consisting of 127 rental units and 679 condominium units).

For the most part the site layout and siting of the buildings remain the same. The development maintains a main signalized vehicular entrance at the mid-point of the site between two 10-storey apartment buildings on Leslie Street leading to a publicly accessible central open space surrounded by a new private ring road. Open space is also maintained along the west edge of the site adjacent to Canadian National Railway lands and a previously proposed driveway along the south edge of the site has been replaced with a "pedestrian promenade".

The northerly 10-storey building along Leslie Street is currently proposed as a 150-unit seniors residence. The southerly 10-storey building is proposed to be a 90-unit TCHC rental apartment building. Both buildings are now set back 5 metres from the Leslie Street frontage whereas no setbacks were proposed previously. The 3-storey townhouse component now spans across the entire northern edge of the site to meet Leslie Street.
The applicant is proposing the land use designation along the northerly portion of the site remain as Neighbourhoods with the balance of the site redesignated to Apartment Neighbourhoods.
It's interesting to hear Adra Villaway come up. Shawn Micallef observed in Stroll that the housing originally built there was so focused on being modern that they invented a new kind of street designation for it! They wouldn't have any of that traditional avenue or boulevard stuff--we're talking about a villaway here :p
Well, that "thisway" and "thatway" street-naming technique became enshrined in North York planning policy in the 60s/70s--and it does perfectly befit the Golden Age of Townhouse Clusters...
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The outer towers in the cluster look interesting with their black framing pattern, but the inner towers look bland. The mechanical boxes look too big on all the towers, and are therefore problematic.
As usual, marketing people being "creative" to associate this site (on Leslie 500m north of Sheppard) with Bayview Village ?

A ravine setting in the Bayview Village community :rolleyes:
As usual, marketing people being "creative" to associate this site (on Leslie 500m north of Sheppard) with Bayview Village ?

A ravine setting in the Bayview Village community :rolleyes:

Edit - got this mixed up with another development :) - my bad. I was thinking of the Valley Woods Rd. re-development.
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