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Between Loblaws and Sobeys, that Metro is toast. I used to shop there strictly as a means of last resort.

I don't think it's toast. My friends on Granby shop at Metro because "its more convenient" when coming home on the subway. Don't ever underestimate the convenience-driven decisions that come with end of day weariness - a couple hundred extra steps is too many steps (it's 350 extra steps from College and Yonge, I counted...).
Went to Loblaws at MLG for the first time on Saturday. Completely amazed by it. What a great store. A cashier at EVERY register seemed silly though. Considering most of them were just standing there. I guess they're just trying to make great impressions and also don't have a clue as to how busy it will be at what time of day. They'll figure out that stuff.

Love the Joe Fresh and LCBO in the same place. Really handy! One mistake about the place though, is the fresh food counter where you can get meals and eat in the store. It's right by the doors, so your hot food gets cold really fast when waiting to pay.
No mention of the Bulk Barn being open yet?

Bulk Barn is now open just east of Yonge St on the north-side of Carlton St.
Just had my first visit. Great stuff, nice to finally have wide aisles in a downtown grocery store. My only complaint is the ONE PLY toilet paper in the washrooms, outrageous!
Maple Leaf Gardens: A 1931 time capsule unveiled, including a mysterious ivory elephant

A small ivory elephant found in a 1931 time capsule during the overhaul of Maple Leaf Gardens has the new owners of the building baffled.

Experts contacted by Loblaws and Ryerson University for insight were unable to explain why the elephant was there.

The small carved trinket, made with fragments of blue ribbon, was among a dozen items — including hockey rule books and newspapers that look aged but remain legible — in the time capsule unveiled on Thursday in the engineering building at Ryerson.

To solve the elephant mystery, the public is being asked to suggest why it might have been included in the handmade copper box. The box itself is 30 centimetres by 20 cm by 20 cm and its inner lid is engraved with a name, address and date: M.B.Campbell, 124 Lindsay Ave, 9/21/31.


Maple Leaf Gardens time capsule offers peek at 1931
That made me laugh. Ya sure, it was trashed....



I'm bringing this back up, because you guys need to be informed of the truth, and I am now able to elaborate a little further. You can smash me all you want, but I know the truth, and to believe anything else from these liars, would suggest you are obtuse.

C&P from my connection that worked there.

No effort was made to protect any facade. There is a cell phone video I saw showed everything buckling
as the crusher pushed on it. This occurred at the bottom of the Church street entrance and video
was taken by the guard at the top of the ramp. Anything they present as the "rescued" clock
will be a lie. And frankly you can tell them about the guard's cell phone footage and
also the official photographer's pressence further down the ramp, off to the right, doing his thing.
If only I had my laptop and patches at the time, I would have transfered it and the footage would be up.
But I no longer have any rapport with that guard and they may even have deleted it
without copying it.
Maybe it's just me, but even if that is a re-creation I don't care. The old scoreboard would have been a dinosaur, and was probably such a relic that it would've had to be substantially rebuilt anyway. It's the same as the marquee. I don't care if it's original, it's a well-executed reproduction that stays true to the original's spirit while also being upgraded to modern specs
You're the one making the claim that goes against every report, it is YOUR burden to provide proof on the matter.

EVERY REPORT?!?! nobody has given any word on this topic beside ME!!.. the only other 'report' there is comes from the mouth of the PR spin machine, you know, their job is DAMAGE control. Stop being obtuse man.. Why don't you stop, and listen. Perhaps you'll learn something. Jesus. do you believe the official 9/11 story too?

If the word of the people who witnessed it isn't enough, then there is no helping you. I'm sorry man, but jesus. I wish I had permission to post my pics. But you know everything, I'm sure the pieces of broken screen were probably 'carefully taken apart' so they could be reassembled later.. right??

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