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The building should always be remembered as Maple Leaf Gardens. If that name is denied for legal reasons, the new owners who deserve a lot of praise for maintaing the overall look , can simply call it " Gardens " with maple leaf logos on each side, or does MLSE have a claim on the maple leaf too ?
Who knows. But you know, I could have sworn the heritage designation protected the leaf logos and the name maple leaf gardens, and it must remain.

What a douche move by MLSE. Contact them and tell them so, this is RIDICULOUS.
MLSE didn't care about the building, now that someone else fixed the place up, they are worried that a 2000 seat arena at a University will compete with the 19000 ACC. St Mike's Majors left town because MLSE was worried that a junior minor team would steal fans from the almighty Maple Leafs if they played at MLG. MLSE sure has some inferiority complex.

You know what, Ryerson should just rename the building to something else, as a big F-you to MLSE. Something to really humiliate MLSE. How about the Maple Laf Gardens? How about the "Last Stanley Cup in Toronto was won here Building"

If anyone has other ideas please post.
Good grief, I bet never thought about how bad this would make them look. You'd think they'd clue in that the building name is actually free advertising for them. And in my view, if they wanted to sever the building's name from the actual building, they really should have done so in the sale agreement.

And what's next? An injunction against our national flag and every maple tree?!
Seems pretty low to demand they change the name. Good move MLSE- you have now proven you are equally competent with PR as playing hockey.. and basketball.. and soccer..
This is completely ridiculous. Trying to copyright "maple leaf" in Canada is like trying to trademark "freedom"in the United States.

Could Ryerson not just rebrand MLG as "The Gardens" and leave it at that?
what the hell is wrong with mlse first they let mlg rot for 10 years then a ryerson saves the building and there crying that a 2000 seat arena is going to affect there botton line. hopefully they will be able to still call it mlg and if they cant just call it the gardens and let the babies known as mlse have there name. another reason to be ashamed of mlse
MLSE and Loblaws made a contract. As it is likely that both parties were of firm mind, and not under duress, as the transaction and its terms were not illegal, as both parties gained, and as consideration was exchanged, the contract stands. If Ryerson/Loblaws were to begin running a commercial arena, and if they violate the trademark, they are in breech of contract. It doesn't matter that I and every other Torontian and hockey fan would love it to be called Maple Leaf Gardens: the law should defend contract.
MLSE is a billion dollar business...why wouldn't they protect their interests.:confused:
Any large consortium with money and a patent would do the same.

I fail to see how having a rotting building with the Maple Leafs logo and name on it is good for their image, but having a nicely restored heritage building with their logo and name on it is bad for their image.
MLSE is a billion dollar business...why wouldn't they protect their interests.:confused:
Any large consortium with money and a patent would do the same.

They're being ridiculous because the small new arena couldn't compete with their arena. The name is tied to the building, a building that's of importance to national culture. Their interests aren't threatened, and the whole country doesn't have to accommodate their interests.
Its absolutely disgusting what MLSE is doing here, it smacks of pettiness, greed and spite. I sent a letter to MLSE telling them exactly what I thought, I know it wont make any difference but its better than nothing.