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Wow, they're pouring cement for the rink already? They are much further ahead than I thought. Good news about the clock, thanks for the info. Tuscani
That is pretty cool that they have started the ice sheet for the arena portion of the project. Going by some previous photos i thought they were still working on the loblaws portion. There is still a ton of cosmetic work to be done here, especially looking at those old rafters - i assume they will recieve a fresh coat of paint?

I am rather please with the direction they took with MLG (in my opinion way better than what was done at the montreal forum). Once completed it should be a huge asset for the area!
Hi Chris,
I just wanted to reassure you that we consulted with the Hockey Hall of Fame before we removed the clock. We were delighted that they agreed to accept it as a donation from Ryerson. They'll be deciding which elements they'll display (as you can appreciate it is too big to have on display in full). Thank you for your interest in our Maple Leaf Gardens project.

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Elements meaning whatever they salvaged when they demolished it..

Oh and it's rather funny how they mention nothing about changing their stance on 'reusing' it.. Anyways. You guys believe what you want, I have my my proof, I know the truth. If anything they saved a face of it.
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It looks like the brick walls are coming down on the south/east corner of the building. From the rendering, that is where the main entrance will be.
No, please no...Not after missing the playoffs for the seventh year in a row..LOL:D To reality, i think we might be seeing a Ryerson or Loblaws logo up there.

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

I thought I read somewhere that the roof, including the maple leafs, were part of the character of the building and thus weren't allowed to be altered? Maybe I'm wrong...