Toronto Richmond Adelaide Centre: 120 & 130 Adelaide West Recladding | 136.85m | 35s | Oxford Properties | WZMH

If I was a tenant looking for space, I would prefer the new look to the old. Or -- I would want a substantial discount for occupying what looks like an old B class building.
Nobody is arguing the economics behind this. From an architectural perspective, it's awful and disrespectful to the original design.

Looking up at these from the intersection of York & Adelaide gives me an almost nauseating vertigo sensation and that isn't a comment on the aesthetics of the reclad. I can't explain it, but before it was really clear when looking west where each building began and ended, but now due to the mirrored glass it's super disorienting and the buildings including EY appear to blend together in a way that my brain was frantically trying to make sense of on the fly. It might have been the lighting but it was not a great experience.