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Got to take a couple laps of the park this morning. It really is lovely. Many great details, and the dawn views of downtown are excellent. I particularly like how bends in the trail & elevation changes make the park feel much larger than it actually is – it's a simple trick, executed well.
Higher quality paving = $$$.

Interesting though that there really is no timeline for the full reopening of Ontario Place (even though it hasn't really shut down either?).
Since this park is part of Ontario Place, it should be interesting to see how it's maintained in comparison to parks maintained by the city of Toronto. Hopefully, it will always be maintained as a showcase public space for the province's residents to enjoy. Perhaps having three government bodies with their own urban parks in Toronto (including the federal government's Rouge National Urban Park) will create a bit of a rivalry. Any differences in maintenance and investment will become readily apparent and rivalry will encourage the other governments to do a better job with their urban parks.
Trillium Park really sets the scene for the rest of Ontario Place to become a large publicly accessible park with individual attractions.

I hope to see this model expanded to the rest of Ontario Place. The land bridge from Exhibition Place over Lake Shore will make quite the difference once all of Ontario Place is one large park.

Then, it'll be up to Toronto to bring the city to the park. I'd like to see Lake Shore Blvd. urbanized, at least from Ontario Place to around Spadina where it ducks under the Gardiner. Proper sidewalks, lined with trees and perhaps a median like University Avenue. There's plenty of space to do this now. We wanted a grand avenue in the East but we have an opportunity right now to do the same here.
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Why is there no seating under this canopy? It seems like it's the only place to find some shade in the park but it's useless without somewhere to sit and relax.

It's an informal performance space. Kind of like a mini Forum. Not sure what kind of programming will go there but its function is as a stage. There are plenty of shady benches to sit around the park.
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It looks interesting in the same way the music garden on Queen's quay does. I'm not sure how may people it will attract though. I wonder if there are any ideas of possibly opening up some of the attractions again lie the cinesphere and the Wilderness adventure ride?