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This bridge is temporary so there's no chance there would be an elevator, which already exists for the existing pedestrian tunnel that isn't going anywhere.

The elevators in the tunnel on both the north and south sides have been out of service for quite some time. Hopefully they actually come back in service in the spring as promised.

Elevators remain out of service:

  • The elevators connecting the north and south platforms (Platform 1 and 4) are out of service.
  • If you have accessibility needs, Dignity Transportation shuttle service is available to transport you between the north and south sides of the station.
  • Please follow the signs to access the shuttle service. The shuttle will be located on Atlantic Avenue for access to Platform 1 (the north platform) and Manitoba Drive for access to Platform 4 (the south platform).
  • To request Dignity Transportation shuttle service in advance, call GO Transit at 416-869-3200 or 1-888-438-6646 (toll free). Requests must be made 48 hours in advance of the time of travel.
  • We expect the elevator updates to be complete and back in service later this spring.
Ground level being prepped for the pedestrian bridge's North stairwell

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Is the bridge to temporarily replace the tunnel (which always seems to smell like pee)?
It's not a straight yes or no, but the short answer is no. But eventually yes, sort of.

The entire main concourse building of the station will be to the west of the existing tunnel, so it isn't being removed within the foreseeable future. My understanding is that the reason for the bridge is mainly to spread people out, because without the bridge, the only access point to the platforms is the existing tunnel, which is now at one end of the 350 metre long platforms. The new bridge is located between a third and half of the way down the platforms from the tunnel.

To add to that, I would also imagine some work in the far future, such as track realignment and pouring of new platforms, which will extend east into the current station area, will require at least temporary closure of the tunnel. And of course, the tunnel, along with the bridge, will be removed permanently at some point.

In the rendering here, you can see the GO sign which is around the same spot as the tunnel and current station building

Screenshot 2023-04-07 185608.png
That's what the tunnel is for, duh 😁
Will the tunnels, platforms, stairs, elevators, etc. be cleaned at least once a day?

Or will there be "efficiencies" in cleaning with the private sector (with profits and dividends built in for the corporate owners), with only an annual cleaning?
A bundle of photos from today

From Atlantic Avenue

In between old and new tunnel stairwells, looking at the most recent ped bridge staircase.

They're building 4 shelters at the east end of the south GO platform

and it looks like similar shelters are being built where the new GO/Ontario Platform will be located, adjacent to the new staircase for temporary ped bridge.

the north end of the top of the north ped bridge staircase is open ended, which must mean there will be at least one more staircase down north of here.
20230419_175028 (1).jpg

Looking west at the 2 ped bridge staircases.
20230419_174939 (1).jpg
SPA docs now have a live link and a few rudimentary drawings to mull over; not as interesting as the pretty renders for the most part, but there are some tidbits in them.

From the above:












Interesting how they are only delivering a single block of the Liberty New Street as a part of it.. Wonder if they are telling the City that they are still on the hook for the rest of the street.
SPA docs now have a live link and a few rudimentary drawings to mull over; not as interesting as the pretty renders for the most part, but there are some tidbits in them.

From the above:

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View attachment 484892

View attachment 484893

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'View attachment 484902
Not a lot of space on the south side of the tracks for the streetcars to extend through to Dufferin (and beyond)?