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Curvy eh? Hmmm, could Toronto perhaps be getting an "Absolute" style tower of it's own and steal Mississauga's thunder? ;)

Or it could look like the original 'peanut' design for 75 St. Nicholas Street, only taller:

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Thank you to all ... with all this new info today, time to update the thread? :)

Number One Bloor (Yonge+Bloor, Great Gulf, 67s, Hariri Pontarini)
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Hey Bruce, how about a sneak peek here at Urban Toronto?

Indeed Bruce, how about it?

Urban Toronto has been around since 2001. When I first joined in 2002, I was amazed to find renderings for 1 Bloor East. I didn't even know there were plans for the corner and yet UT already had the renderings! Almost a decade later and we still have nothing to show for this corner save for the loss of one of our favourite Harvey's. Great Gulf, we've been involved with this project for a lot longer than you have so how about showing us some love and letting us have a sneak peek at the new look? I'm sure there are members here that might be connected in some way to Great Gulf. How about passing this post on to them?

Let's take a look back.

The original Kolter proposal that we first fell in love with back in 2002





The Bazis International version that almost made it a few years back.

We went back through this thread and found some suggestion for the site from various forum members.

3Dementia likes something round like the original 75 Nicholas.

Traynor suggested "something like the CCTV Headquarters building in Beijing. If it spanned Yonge Street at or above the 70th floor, this would be an appropriate "Gateway to Downtown" that Yonge Street deserves."

MadMax wants the Rossiya Tower in Moscow.

Not sure we like vz64's pick. Certainly not for this location.

We agree with Marcanadian that Gehry's Beekman would look ggreat here!

And we agree with Strange Advance about a down-scaled 7 South Dearborn.

What's wrong with some oldschool Bloorj Toronto says Raptorzzs? Well where do we start...

wyliepoon took a different approach by resurrecting a few failed Toronto supertalls.
Harry's Sapphire Tower

Weston Skyscraper

Maryon Tower

And this is where we stand today.

We realize most of the ideas presented by the forum members above are unrealistic. As for the sneak peek, how about it?
I just hope GG doesn't cheap out and tries to go for quality. In terms of floor to ceiling it, I hope they go for large ceiling heights and rival Trump Tower. If that's the route they choose to go along with a nice podium, there's no reason why this tower shouldn't top out 800 feet or 243 metres. Something spectcular should be built on this site. anything less is wasted opportunity.
The "original 75 Nicholas" proposal as pictured above, would please me to no end (frosted green and blue glass, like the frosted glass balconies of the Festival Tower, except in a curved form, would look great).
Thank you Ed007Toronto for your wonderful summary of the last 9 years. It was concise and all inclusive. We could just start the thread from that post and forget the previous 34 pages.
Ed, great post. I love how a whole swath of proposals were shown starting from the very beginning, only to end up in the present where a lot full of dirt sits still, holding the dreams of architects and fans alike.
Did I just see the words TORONTO and CURVY in the same sentence? Now that is damned exciting, especially at Yonge and Bloor. I'm starting to really get my hopes up, that might not be a good thing. Curvy + tall + retail podium = BRING IT ON!!!:D (No grey, PLEASE!)
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The "original 75 Nicholas" proposal as pictured above, would please me to no end (frosted green and blue glass, like the frosted glass balconies of the Festival Tower, except in a curved form, would look great).

I couldn't agree more, something unique and different with quality materials and a rockin' street presence to make up for that disaster further down on Yonge Street at Dundas - whatever they're calling that POS today.

Given what a great job Great Gulf did with X recently in a relatively low profile location, imagine the possibilities with Number One Bloor East. I have confidence in them.

I promise I won't say it again, a half dozen cinemas to replace the Carlton/Cumberland/Uptown/Plaza along with retail here would by dynamite!
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Why does the thread title say 65 storeys? The article states that it will be a 67 storey project: a 65 storey condominium sitting atop 2 storeys of retail.