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The restaurant at street level will help to animate the area.

The area is already busy on good weather days with lots of people in the park, so the animation has started at least. I wonder if the restaurant here will work well before Riva del Lago is built just to the northeast. Its pit has been dug now, as part of the Lago build, but I don't know the target dates yet. (We have asked for that info.) In any case, at least the next year or two or three will be difficult, especially patio-wise for the Ocean Club restaurant with the construction next door, but I have no doubt that once construction is done that it will be a popular spot. Eden Trattoria just a few doors down at Monarch's Voyageur buildings does really well across from the park. (I'm quite happy with the new Lola's Gelateria now too. It's the closest gelato to where I live!)

Do you know if the city required the commercial building on Lake Shore to be built within a certain timeframe? There is absolutely no incentive for the developer to build it unless it is mandated.

We have sent a note off asking when that will happen.

9 August 2014
What a phoneography win. What kind of phone is that?

Phoneography win indeed lol thanks. Its just the ubiquitous Samsung Galaxy S5.
Lighting definitely makes a huge difference when it comes to the quality. As 42 noted, it certainly was a great day to take them.
Also the digital zoom it comes equipped with isn't worth squat.

Here's a few more shots of 'the O.C', more typical of the quality I usually get with it.




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is the construction on track for Nov 2014 completion?
My expectation is June 2015 though.

I can happily report that they are phasing occupancy at the end of November.
I received my date for mid December (boutique building).

I will take a picture and update the next time I pass by.
From a couple of days ago:







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