Toronto Natasha Residences | 156.9m | 47s | Lanterra | BDP Quadrangle

March 18: Lanterra is setting up a sales suite (not quite open yet) on the next block to start actively marketing units in Natasha, in anticipation of the start of actual construction. There also appears to be some activity on the permit application for the new building, but not on the demolition permit itself.

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Meanwhile, nothing much has changed at the site itself.

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*sigh* that presentation centre was once the site of a legendary goth club...
...a bit too south east to be The Sanctuary. Unless it was that other place to which the name eludes me that friends used to hang out in back in the day.
Mar 28, 2024


It's original structure given that the heritage building is still about 18 metres deep. They've only really demolished the back part of the building.
@busybeaver ; not all that ok........ given the problem I noted above..........

But also not as quiet as she may seem.

Coming to the next meeting of Preservation Board:

Sure, they didn't get a permit to demo the thing, but now they are seeking permission to demo more of it.

Apparently, the facade retention system is in conflict w/the power cables required for the return of Streetcar service to Adelaide.

To make that work the top 2 levels of the heritage facade will now be panelized and reinstalled later, if this building is actually ever built.

From the report: