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correct. wow, buildup is out to lunch!

I know, Normally i would love something like this, but it just doesn't work for me. Perhaps because these things are supposed to express individuality on a balcony. 130 Bloor also has basically idnetical trees on every floor. There are great garden consultants around who will plan your entire balcony with much more imagination.
Is it the condo board gauleiters who dictate that everyone must have the same sort of plants on their balconies?

So are the plants mandated by the condo board? What if I bought the unit on the fifth floor and decided to hang up my extensive collection of Diana memorial tea-towels instead?

Random plants along every balcony will look inharmonious.

Considering how much these people are paying for their residences, one would hope that they would enjoy the same rights to personalize their properties as owners of humble little houses on traditional residential streets who also bravely face the world.
I think it would look better with a variety of plants being used, as it's the rectilinear form of the building itself that creates a sense of uniform structure and harmony. The thick, opaque parallel lines of the balconies serve as a strong visual anchor which should allow the plants to roam without making the entire package seem chaotic.
I don't know if this happens in Toronto but some communities are governed by rules and regulations of a Neighbourhood Association. My friends in Calgary sold and moved out of one (a detached home). They learned of rules like no satellite dishes, got letters when their grass was too long, were not allowed "excessive landscaping" (uniformity is the rule of the day), they got a written noise complaint after a barbeque one weekend afternoon - it all sounds pretty miserable. Completely at the end of the spectrum when compared to a neighbourhood like Cabbagetown.
When the highlight of a building is its plants, you know it's a bore.

It's a handsome building. The plants are a novel touch. I think their uniformity accentuates the clean minimalist lines of the building. To restrict the choice of plants is quite minor compared to some suburban homeowner association agreements in North America. The condo owners are still free to personalize their private spaces as they wish, while keeping a single style for the face of the building
Application: New Building Status: Not Started

Location: 204 BLOOR ST W

Ward 20: Trinity-Spadina

Application#: 07 263168 BLD 01 NB Accepted Date: Oct 5, 2012

Project: Mixed Use/Res w Non Res New Building

Description: Revision to install awnings over terraces of units 301, 1801 and penthouse 01 Proposed new 19 storey condominium residential tower with GF Retail and 6 Levels underground parking garage. See # 05-175896 and #05-175885 Site Plan Approval and Rezoning.

All i gotta say about this is.."U-G-L-Y..u ain't got no alibi. You ugly."

Actually I think it's beautiful. It's a small boutique style condo building. Simple, green. The ground level though I'm not too fond of.