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popping up

Just was passing by the location, Ultra is now almost as high as Legacy - They are making progress and i am guessing they are on track with the construction progress. Hopefully all Ultra purchasers should receive a letter for color selection etc, Any one in Ultra has got that yet ?
I've been placed in the low crane on this job...

I caught you yesterday while shooting the site.

About time they started on this last area.

A few days before photos ready to be posted.
Nice shots. The towers are turning out as expected, and not worth the effort to moan about.

It's interesting that, except for the odd light mast, there's no indication that an 8-lane, heavily used freeway cuts right in front of these condos in cruzin's photo.
Found this on the city building permit site.

Application#: 08 203512 FND 01 PP Accepted Date: Jun 13, 2012

Project: Multiple Use/Non Residential Partial Permit - Foundation

Description: Revision to add an additional floor to the residentail building 39 floors with 423 units. - Part Permit - 38 storey residential building with 413 dwelling units, Tower - A - ground floor retail and 5 levels of underground parking - Ultra, Phase II, Heron's Hill
Interesting indeed. 2 more floors !! Ultra is going to interestingly taller than the rest of the 2 towers !!
i was sure they topped off just last week

heres a pic i took from the 3rd floor shoppers building at vp sheppard on aug 16th