Toronto Legacy, Ultra, and Yorkland at Heron's Hill | ?m | 40s | Mattamy Homes | Graziani + Corazza

Taken today.

Well they still have 30+ stories to build, so probably finish concrete work fall 2012, and start occupancy spring/summer 2013.
They have been working on Yorkland the past few months...looks like shoring and excavation are well underway...
Concrete should be starting in a week or two, probably see a crane up before mid-March.

Wow - What is the estimated occupancy for Yorkland ? I know with Ultra its around mid 2013, am not quite sure about yorkland - is it mid 2014 ?
I've honestly got no idea for occupancy dates. I'll ask around and see what I hear, but they have a lot of concrete work to do underground. They have to connect into both existing phases and build up 5 full levels of underground, plus 30ish stories. Seems to me that they're about a year and a half behind Ultra, and only 5 or 6 fewer typical floors, so that probably would be a good idea on timeline.