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dont really like the precast that faces north

this intersection is going to be a traffic nightmare too esp rush hour time
I work near that area, and that intersection is already bad because of the office traffic. (At both Yorkland and on Vic Park at the 401).
During our tour of Legacy a few weeks back, we took pics of some of the views from the area.

The southwest view takes in the employment areas around Yorkland Road in the lower foreground, with Toronto's downtown skyline appearing on the horizon above the 401/404/Don Valley Parkway interchange. Most of the complexes in the area are currently surrounded by surface parking lots, land which could see significant reinvestment if rapid transit is expanded east of Don Mills subway station.



Looking east toward Scarborough Town Centre, with more of the employment area in the foreground. A 2010 OMB decision cleared the way for the property to the north of the blue Atria buildings to be developed as a multi-tower condominium developed. Tridel and Dorsay's plan for the site is wending its way through the planning approval process now.



On Legacy's west side, construction is now underway on Ultra, the tallest component of the Heron's Hill site. Fairview Mall features in the image beyond the 404.


Ultra will look like this:

May 08
That 2nd tower is taking its sweet time coming out of the ground.

Here are some photos I shot and to bad the clouds roll in considering it was clear for my other shooting up to this point.





Did a driveby at this site. Didn't really get a great vantage point. Fencing is all over.

Compare drums last photo with this one and you will see progression.

Great Pics Cruzin4U - seems like there is a lot of momentum on Ultra's site, significant progress construction wise. I haven't seen many of the units from Legacy for sale however the prices for Argento (on donmills and Yorkmills) for pre-construction are crazy high. I hope this project from Monarch sees good appreciation as it seems to be quite a neat location right off the highway and on the subway :)

Any feedback from Legacy owners about the quality of end product ??
Nice Pictures Drum - Site seems to be moving quite fast. I drove by this morning and seems like the foundation for Ultra Tower is already above ground - good (and quick) progress so far
Taken today.

This project is moving full speed - considerable progress made and still moving, drove by last night (couldn't take pics, it was dark) but it seems like they are moving fast on the podium construction !! Got a letter today from the builder that color selections are starting now and the lower floors will be getting them soon. !!