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The weight fell from the crane and landed on the buildings lower roof level.

From the top part here to the lower part. This is what cause the "earth quake"
This in Star:

"A crane on top of a building collapsed in downtown Toronto Saturday, causing “significant damage” to a condo tower, Toronto police said.

Toronto police and fire crews responded at the scene at 8 The Esplanade, also known as “the L Tower” in the Yonge Street and The Esplanade area just after 2 p.m.

The damage seemed to be limited to the top six floors of the skyscraper, “which are all mechanical, so no residences have been damaged,” Toronto Fire District Chief Stephan Powell told the Star.

“We’ve been incredibly lucky,” he said.

Buldings in the area were evacuated and two crane workers initially unaccounted for were located safe, police said.

The roof of the building appeared to be holding the weight and there was no fear of collapse, police said in a tweet posted 30 minutes into their response.

The condo building is attached to the City’s arts venue, Meridian Hall, but there was no indication of damage to the venue, Powell said.

After closures, police said roads were reopened just before 4:30 p.m. and Toronto Fire were on scene."
So is this the BMU at the top of the L Tower that has failed? And why are the police so clueless when it comes to properly describing this stuff??

I think it's the media myself. As they don't seem to know what a BMU was even if it where to climb down the building to bite them in the arses.

The weight fell from the crane and landed on the buildings lower roof level.
*Am I to presume the lower roofs of the podium structures?

Also: This building can't seem to catch a break with is fumbling maintenance issues of a spectacular fashion. /sigh
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It took like 3 years to get the original construction crane removed (and safety concerns were previously brought up regarding that crane) by this BMU which they had to get custom made in Europe, and now the BMU has gone and fallen apart. Brilliant! What an absolute mess.