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Looks like the For Lease sign is gone, anyone know what retail is going in here? I believe people are starting to move into some of the floors in the coming weeks.
pre-delivery inspections for K2 are being set up now for early Aug (6th floor)

toast, have not seen any evidence of retail occupants yet. Whomever it is .... or .... they are .... there won't be a lot of parking, so that may rule out grocery or anything high traffic

Dang I like this K2 building from the outside. The front entrance side of the 21 story building looks like the backside of a shopping mall but I still like the overall look (not a popular opinion, I know)
Anyone have any details on closing for this one - i sure hope this isnt delayed like everything else! - Sucks for all the mortgages that are going to now have crazy high rates!
I'm curious about what retail will appear...
There are quite a few rumours about grocery. Some think a Farm Boy, others think an Independent (Loblaws banner to replace the Humberview Loblaws), also heard something about an Italian grocery store (although wouldn't that be too similar to the Bruno's next door)? Not sure. This is what I've heard, nothing official.
Marche Lous will be going in at the bottom of the retail space

Still no construction happening. Dry wall has been in the unit for over a month with nothing put up yet.