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Apparently the meeting last night was told that the office use here is not nailed down. Proponents are also potentially looking at a hotel.

This goes directly against what I've heard is the plan for this site but there it is, for what it's worth.
There's a boutique hotel going up 150m from this location
There's a boutique hotel going up 150m from this location

Wouldn't surprise me if proximity to the Waterworks was sufficient to attract two of 'em.

Also, not that this would necessarily enter the calculus for prospective hoteliers, but the re-do of Brant that's now possibly tied to the BIG proposal (along with that development, itself) would also continue to make this area much more attractive.
Boutique hotel could still be interesting. Preservation of the existing buildings in some form would be a boon to a hotel looking to distinguish itself.

Definitely agree- the current design is an "any-building"- glassy, characterless, and anonymous.

A 7 Thomas-style development with a terrace on the roofs of the retained frontages would do much better, IMO.
Two new renderings (below) of the proposed 14-story hotel courtesy of the Garment District Neighbourhood Association (GDNA) - received in preparation for the upcoming February 2020 OMB date:


Their (GDNA's) website with more info: