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Would like to understand better how the transition from grade to transit level works.

My main complaint is the monotony and dreariness of the tower design. They're so big but devoid of charm. I think Hariri Pontarini could do way better for the east side.
Will be seeing much more stratified parkland proposed as a result of Bill 23 being passed, which going forward, will permit what has been avoided at all costs by the City previously.
There is a survey up on the engagement site for this one:

Take the Survey

Not long, most of it is fairly useless (rank whether you want a playground or a dog run in the park more; rank whether you want a supermarket or a coffee shop more etc.)

However, usefully, there are write-in spots, where you can make suggestions.

I have done just that. You can too.
There is a report on this proposal to the next TEYCC meeting.

It's worth noting that due to the Province-City deal concerning TOCs, these are not being put through the normal zoning process and will not be available for review in the AIC.

Instead these are being tracked on a special City page for TOCs, found here:

That said, we do have a report here, which reads, in part, like a fairly typical Preliminary ReportL

From that report, we see the following issues raised; many of which I agree with, and I think @tripwire will be keenly interested as well.







"...pedestrian safety and public realm continuity." It's a shame, as it really just needs some extra thought and care - but I have a bad feeling that it's going to get shoved down our throats. :(
Park configuration is bizarre.

Again reads as leftover space.

The total area isn't bad, and if added to the POPS space would be utterly grand.

Agreed. Very strange layout of a park that is destined to be a pee pad for dogs and not a place to be enjoyed by anyone not in their housecoat with their poodle. I'm all for density at a new transit hub, but they need to go back to the drawing board for the parkland.
A BlogTO article, groan, confirms virtually all retail will close here by month's end.

Of course, the same article concludes with a rather, ummm, curious date:

"While there's no official word on when demolition or construction on the cite will begin, the subway station is currently slated to be completed by 2041, so Toronto will have to patiently await the unveiling of the swanky new subway stop."

Soooo, maybe allow that the dates are likely correct +/- 10 years