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Apr 23, 2007
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by the Humber
So, few people are going to care that much about this, but I've finally got architectural plans for this condo, along with Newton and Exchange. That's allowed me to update the dataBase files for each of the three buildings. All of them fairly short, (none will make the 120 metre list for example), so as I said, I don't expect many people to care that much, but I hate seeing the "?m" in some thread titles, and am glad to have the numbers filled in now for these three.

One thing of note, however, is that this building and Newton have some of the shortest condo floor-to-floor heights I've seen in quite a while. From top-of-slab to top-of-slab, Forward and Newton's floor heights are 2650 mm, or 8' 8.3". Take away the slab height, and floor and ceiling* finishes, (*or are these two buildings loft style with concrete ceilings?), then we've got 8' ceilings here, maybe an inch less. That's pretty rare for a new condo, although it's a fairly standard height for rental buildings. (Exchange's top-of-slab to top-of-slab heights are 2950 mm, or 9' 8.1", which is just about the industry standard for condos these days.) Just so you know…