Toronto First Canadian Place Rejuvenation | 298.08m | 72s | Brookfield | MdeAS Architects

The colour is bronze, not the material. It's a glass spandrel just like the white ones but bronze. The colour won't change because the colour is under the glass. The whole building will be able to be washed like a fully glass clad building.
So they're starting at the top and working down. That makes sense -- less chance of damaging the new panels with falling debris (tools, lunch boxes, dropped old panels, whatever) if all the new panels are above the platform.
I'm surprised how similar it'll look after the change. The colour won't change ( except at the corners ), the windows won't change, the number of floors won't change, the proportions won't change.

Though the graph-paper effect will be kaput, or at least watered down.
I agree, the reclad will make the building look nicer. But the only dilema left after the reclad is what to do about the all the messy antennaes? The roof looks horrible. I have 2 suggestions. One is to have a cleaner looking 1 or 2 antennaes like Commerce Court West, or if the antennaes are left intact, then add 50 foot fins to atleast hide the messy roof.
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This may be a stupid question but is there any chance that the new bronze panels could turn green after many years? I'm just thinking about how the tops of older buildings look green but I'm not sure how long that takes.

That's copper that has oxidized, it turns green when exposed to the elements.
Exciting to see this happening. Considering the economy the facade must be in really bad shape if they decided to do it now.