Mississauga Edge Towers | ?m | 50s | Solmar | Rosario Varacalli

How many acres is this site? Can't find any documents that state this information?

Looks to be roughly 4.7 according to Google Maps


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Looking at the sign for tower 2 today, it's hard to say what the height is going to be, but 40-45s would be a good guess, since tower 3 is 50s.

Going to be hard to get shots of this site once construction start with its 8' hording in the way.

Still haven't fix the Hurontario sign "Opening Soon"
I like this design. Simple and elegant. Reminds me of the tower hill apartment at Spadina and St.Clair. But why is Edge 1 not in this render. Kind silly to not show them together.
Am I the only one that is completely confused by this project? Are we witnessing yet another bait and switch design? Where is the "Edge" Solmar?