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Next planning committee meeting for this project is on June 22nd.

Looks like one building has been killed from the proposal and the new application will consist of three building ranging from 35 to 50 storeys.



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Still a stand alone in the park even with 3 towers. It was pushing the site for 4 towers and could be obtain.

The tall building should be at Hurontario and step down to the west.

Best to make the podium a continue base with a opening for a driveway.

Got that single building as a hold out by the looks next to Eden Place and a waste not being part of this project.
I'm sure DRUM118 can provide you with the details but council approved the Staff Report to move ahead with this project; 3 buildings (35, 40 and 50s) and a new city park.
Mods modify thread title as Park+35+40+50s as that is what been plan here now.

What is disturbing is the other tower south of the 50s at the corner of Hurontario and Elm Dr on that site beside the Amacon Eden Place development that just surface as a rough plan on Friday and Monday night. Its something thrown out there with no real vision nor willing to work this developer and another in the park on Hurontario. No height was given.

The 50s is on hold until at least 2020 or later and will be the last of the 3 to be built. The site was originally to have 5 towers and then reduce to 4 for the application which is now 3. Floor plates are about 750 square and going thin towers for light between towers and the area round them.

The new park at the west end and the 35s will be built first.

3 drives ways on Elm for these tower with a full driveway at the south side that will connecting to Kariya Dr.

City is in talks with the school across the street of buying the land so Kariya Dr can be extended down to Central Parkway. This will take the pressure off Elm Dr once the rest of Kariya Dr is built.

Standard BS about everything from the community. They want Elm to be widen because of the school buses and it shouldn't happen at all. Time to remove the on street parking on the north side as they belong to the residents that have more than 2 cars.

The developer is proposing .6 parking spaces per unit, not the size of them for residents and .1 for visitors for a total of .7 for all 3 towers. I can live with that as its below the current 1.25, but prefer to see .5 in total or less. Its a step in the right direction and needs to happen to the other towers that will be surfacing now the LRT is to be built starting 2018.

A stakeholder group will be form to work with the ward councilor and the developer on the park as well the design of the 35s tower.

We need a podium of 4-8s for the full length of Elm and the section on Hurontario with the towers being set back from the street edge. Prefer to see front door in the podium on Elm for the ground floor residents and the podium go over 1 or 2 driveways The corner of Elm and on Hurontario be retail.

There will be 1,367 units comprise of 555 one bedroom and 812 2 bedroom for all 3 tower with about 3,964 residents living there. Lack of 3 bedrooms will be in my written submission report as well some photos showing what Elm can look with a full podium. A 5,500 sq foot daycare will be part of this development along with 7,000 sq ft of retail.

Since the city has move to storm water charges base on the lack of green space, green roof for all roofs to the point I would put in gardening lots on the podium roof

A lot of residents weren't aware that a 50+45s is to be built a block north of this development.

Section 37 will be used here and about time using that section.

Starts at page 122 http://www7.mississauga.ca/documents/agendas/committees/pdc/2015/06-22-2015_-_PDC_Agenda_7_pm.pdf
That looks pretty incredible. Not sure if I dig the small, medium and large theme going on here but the deco reference is very stylish.
Mississauga seem to be getting nicer looking tall building s than the city of Toronto...what gives? I really like the Rockefeller centre vibe to these three!